About Kibera Community Empowerment Organization

Kshoes is a footwear brand that leverages on local talents and local resources to produce quality and fashionable shoes sold both in Kenya and into the international market. We solve issues that cut across environment, education, gender, youth and talent empowerment. We collect and use waste materials like used vehicle tires among others to make durable quality shoes that are sold both locally and internationally.

Our Vision

To create a free just and equitable society where communities are able to identify their most felt needs and then translate their aspirations and potential into a productive and fulfilling life.

Our Mission

To provide a platform through which Kibera slum Community can explore and share skills innate abilities towards sustainable growth and development on a foundation of independence, equity, justice, self reliance and a harmonized peaceful society.

Kshoes achieves its goal though capacity building, resource mobilisation , advocacy, lobbying for change in all aspects of human life : social, economic, spiritual , political and physical; access to education, and creation of linkages leading at poverty reduction, financial freedom, skills dissemination, and social justice.

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