Light lace-up school shoes

Our “Back to school shoes” are pure leather with a rubber sole. They are light in weight and comfortable. They are Unisex.


School shoes serve a very key role in the life of any school-going kid/teenager. Research shows that getting a black shoe with the right design is very stressful. School shoes should not be too fitting nor too large for this will over time cause discomfort. Wearing the wrong size shoes causes a myriad of foot problems like loss of toenails, calluses, bruises of the toenails, and conditions like bunions, blisters, and hammertoes. At Kibera shoes, we prioritize ensuring our clients get the exact shoe – size that they want. We have two major school shoe designs. We have black lace-up shoes (unisex) and buckle black shoes for girls. K-shoes have quality leather school shoes that make the child’s feet more comfortable and do not provide a platform for bacteria, foot odor, and sweating of the feet.


Over the past years, most parents prefer doing light lace-up school shoes. It’s unisex, durable, and stylish. Lace-up school shoes not only keep your child’s feet in a neutral position but also offer good toe room hence preventing a child from experiencing the adversities that come with wearing the wrong shoe size. At k-shoes we help parents get the right shoe sizes by doing the following:

  • Ensuring that they give the right shoe size before we begin school shoe production: we do this by confirming twice from the parent. The main motive is to avoid disappointing the parent and the school-going child as well.
  • Onsite visit. We normally suggest the parent and the child pay visits in the workshop, this gives both parties an easy task to find the right shoe size, as opposed to delivering the school shoes only to realize that they don’t fit perfectly.
  • The child should fit the school shoe and feel it, in-case there is an issue, the shoe will be worked on or he/she will pick another shoe size.
  • We normally advise parents to buy school shoes at the beginning of the school term. This makes it easy for the parent to save on constantly buying school shoes and the peace that comes with knowing that your child has the right size and style is more fulfilling. Waiting till the last minute can cause disappointment and the parent could also pick the wrong shoe size.



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